Allen Airey

Welcome to the Airey Family

 Welcome to the Airey Family of Lancashire
Allen, and at least the last five generations of the Airey line, came from Lancaster, England.  I have spent a bit of time trying to understand their story and what I love the most is that, in all likelihood, there have been very few people (if anyone) that […]

Allen’s Convict Life

We know that Allen was transported to Van Dieman’s Land in 1850 and arrived in Hobart to a none-too-welcoming reception from the local “Hobartonians”. As I mentioned in the last post, when Allen’s ship arrived, a local agricultural society suggested that “…the indignation of the Hobartonians is great: utter detestation of the government is […]

To the Hero

The best place to start is with the hero of our story, Allen Airey.   Forgetting the drivers for Allen’s unfortunate life for a moment, he is solely responsible for bringing the family to Tasmania (and to me).  He may not have been the model citizen, but he was strong enough to survive years in […]

Let’s start this journey!

“The power of the powerful relies on the powerlessness of the powerless” (unknown).
How then can Kings of France turn into convicts?  How can the most powerful families of Europe evolve, over time, into the ordinary family of Lancashire that includes a 13 year old child forced onto a convict ship and transported half way […]