Kings and Queens

Hugh Capet – Loyalty and Politics

Firstly, my apologies for the extraordinary length of time that it has taken to complete this post.  It is mostly due to being very busy, but partly due to wanting to make sure that I had something fabulous to say about Hugh Capet.  After all, he is the first ancestral King that I get […]

Building Foundations for the Capetian Dynasty

Source – unless otherwise referenced, the facts in this post have been sourced from Reference 18.

Last time we talked about the decline of the empire of Charlemagne (or Charles the Great), through Louis the Pious to Charles the Fat and Charles the Simple.  Unfortunately for our story, however, I missed Charles the Bald – […]

Three easy steps for starting your own dynasty

Ever wondered how you could create a dynasty of kings that last (with a couple of minor breaks) for over 900 years?  Hugh Capet did exactly that.  Heres how he did it.
Step 1 – Live at the time of an imploding reign

In 768, Charles the Great (or Charlemagne) took over as King of the Franks […]